Shimano Responds (to my R8100-P Review)…. and it’s not a good look.

Two weeks after publishing the ONLY review seen to date of the updated Shimano R8100-P (& R9200-P) firmware 4.2.0, I’m struggling to get a resolution from Shimano Australia regarding the issues I encountered. The data presented clearly indicated there’s a problem with the power meter I’ve purchased. Their initial reply was very generic and indicated they had not reviewed the issues in any way. Here’s a breakdown of their reply and how it may or may not apply the testing I perform.

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Shimano R8100-P Technical Specifications:
● Shimano Hollowtech II Crankset.
● Type: Dual Sided Meter.
● Power Accuracy ±2.0%
● ANT+ [Bicycle Power]: Power, Cadence, Left/Right Power Balance, Torque Effectiveness, Pedal Smoothness, Battery Level.
● Bluetooth ® LE [Cycling Power]: Power, Cadence, Left/Right Power Balance, Battery Level.
● ANT+ / Bluetooth ® LE [Force Vector]: Power, Cadence, Left/Right Power Balance, Pedalling Efficiency, Force vector, Battery level. *Only on supported head units.
● Active Temperature Compensation.
● Battery: Internal / Rechargeable / 300h+ runtime.
● USB charging (Same charge cable as 12spd Di2)
● Weight: 172.5mm 790g (Measured in the Lama Lab)
● E-Tube iOS & Android™ Management App / Configuration / Firmware Updates.
● Other: Status LED. Control Button (Status/Zero Offset).

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