Zwift Hardware Updates - November 2023 GPLama

Zwift Hardware Updates: Zwift Hub Classic is now the Kickr CORE!

Today Zwift has revealed the discontinuation of the Zwift Hub Classic smart trainer bundle. Instead, they will collaborate with Wahoo to introduce the Wahoo Kickr CORE in place of the Hub Classic, maintaining the bundled features and providing a 12-month Zwift membership at the current Hub Classic price.   Links: Zwift US Shop: Wahoo […]

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Zwift Annual Subscription - GPLama

Zwift FINALLY Adds Annual Subscriptions! Save 17%

A much requested update to the Zwift subscription plans arrives today – Annual Subscriptions! By switching to an annual billing cycle at you’ll save yourself around 17% on the standard monthly option!   Links: Zwift Forums: Zwift US Shop: ✅ SUBSCRIBE to The GPLAMA YouTube Channel ✅ To be notified of new […]

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Garmin Edge Firmware Update GPLama Nov 2023

Garmin EDGE 540/840/1040 Series Firmware 19.19 Update Details

Firmware 19.19 is rolling out this week (Mid November 2023) for the Garmin Edge 540, 840, 1040 Series Cycling GPS Computers. This video covers what’s new and includes a sneaky tip on how to STOP updates rolling out automatically and continually prompting you to update.   Links: Garmin Cycling Forums: Garmin Public Beta Information: […]

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Shimano Respond - R8100-P Firmware 4.2.0 Review GPLama

Shimano Responds (to my R8100-P Review)…. and it’s not a good look.

Two weeks after publishing the ONLY review seen to date of the updated Shimano R8100-P (& R9200-P) firmware 4.2.0, I’m struggling to get a resolution from Shimano Australia regarding the issues I encountered. The data presented clearly indicated there’s a problem with the power meter I’ve purchased. Their initial reply was very generic and indicated […]

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Garmin ClimbPro Overlay - GPLama

Garmin EDGE Tip: Quickly Disable ClimbPro Map Overlay

A quick Garmin Edge x40 Cycling GPS tip that I use when the map overlays become too cluttered to navigate on the MTB (and gravel bike!). 🗺️🚲   Links to buy Garmin Edge GPS: Garmin Edge 540 (Amazon US): Garmin Edge 840 (Amazon US): Garmin Edge 1030 (Amazon US): Garmin Edge 1030 […]

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Strava Flyover Feature - GPLama Review

STRAVA Announce Flyover Feature 🛫

Strava subscribers (on Android only for now) have the option to view GPS activities on an interactive 3D map. Unfortunately, it is not yet available on the iOS app or the Strava website…. and the feature is a little lacking. 🤔   Links: Strava Flyover Support Page: Buy Garmin EDGE: Garmin Edge 540 (Amazon […]

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Zwift Battery Save Mode Explained - GPLama

Swift ZWIFT Tip: Laptop Battery Saver Mode Explained!

The “Laptop Battery Saver” option has been in Zwift since January 2016 yet has remained undocumented to date. This week I dug into all the details of what it does and how it works!   Links: Zwift US Shop:   ——————— #Zwift​ #IndoorCycling​ #Cycling

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GPLama Smart Trainer Generation I and II

10 Years of Direct Drive Smart Trainers // Generation I vs Generation II

Over the last 10 years there have been many smart trainer model revisions released by all companies with incremental changes/updates, most of these updates would not constitute being called ‘next generation’. In more recent times the new features offered on smart trainers have progressed to a point where there’s a bigger gap between what I’m […]

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Magene EXAR DB408 Review

Magene EXAR Ultra DB405 Review // Continental GP5000 TT Size Drama!

Putting the Magene EXAR DB405 Ultra wheels to the test and hitting a few hurdles along the way with some interesting box labelling by Continental on their GP5000 TT TR tyres!   Links: Magene EXAR Official Website: Wagner Heatgun (Amazon US): Continental GP5000 Tyres (Amazon US):   Disclosure: The Amazon links above […]

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Shimano Power Meter Firmware Update 420 - GPLama Review

Another Epic FAIL // Shimano’s “Improved Accuracy” Power Meter Update

Shimano has recently unveiled firmware version 4.2.0 for their 12-speed power meters (R9200-P/R8100-P), boasting “improved accuracy”. Addressing accuracy concerns has been a long-standing necessity for Shimano’s meters across various iterations. The key question now is: how does this new firmware operate, and does it successfully tackle the persistent issues that have haunted Shimano in the […]

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