Shimano Respond - R8100-P Firmware 4.2.0 Review GPLama

Shimano Responds (to my R8100-P Review)…. and it’s not a good look.

Two weeks after publishing the ONLY review seen to date of the updated Shimano R8100-P (& R9200-P) firmware 4.2.0, I’m struggling to get a resolution from Shimano Australia regarding the issues I encountered. The data presented clearly indicated there’s a problem with the power meter I’ve purchased. Their initial reply was very generic and indicated […]

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Shimano Power Meter Firmware Update 420 - GPLama Review

Another Epic FAIL // Shimano’s “Improved Accuracy” Power Meter Update

Shimano has recently unveiled firmware version 4.2.0 for their 12-speed power meters (R9200-P/R8100-P), boasting “improved accuracy”. Addressing accuracy concerns has been a long-standing necessity for Shimano’s meters across various iterations. The key question now is: how does this new firmware operate, and does it successfully tackle the persistent issues that have haunted Shimano in the […]

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Shimano Hollowtech II Crank Recall GPLama

Shimano Hollowtech II Road Crankset Recall // What You Need to Know

One of the biggest cycling product recalls (technically a voluntary recall) in recent years. Shimano have acknowledged an long-known issue with their Hollowtech II cranksets failing and have implemented an inspection and replacement program, worldwide. After a few days of dust settling on this one, this video answers the question of ‘what to do’ if […]

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Eurobike 2023 Power Meters GPLama

The Latest in Power Meter Technology at Eurobike 2023

Eurobike 2023 showcased an array of innovative power meter solutions. The presence of Magene and Cycplus with new power meter products at Eurobike emphasized the growing influence and contribution of Chinese brands to the global cycling industry, indicating their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering top-quality products to cycling enthusiasts worldwide. ——————— […]

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Stages R8100 Dual Review GPLama

Stages Ultegra R8100 Dual Power Meter Review

Following on from the successful test/review of the Stages Shimano DuraAce R9200 DUAL power meter, this video focuses on their Ultegra R8100 DUAL offering. Using newly redesigned right side sensors Stages look to have another winner on their hands, this time at a lower price point than the DuraAce crank. πŸš²βš‘οΈπŸ“ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ   Links: GPLama Stages […]

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GPLama Stages Dual 9200 Review

Stages Dura-Ace R9200 DUAL Power Meter Review // This One Works!

Stages have completely redesigned the right side sensors on their latest Shimano DuraAce 9200 DUAL power meter to address a long standing accuracy issue when using these cranksets. Does it work? Yes! In this video I dig into the details and dive into all the data showing how this power meter performs. If you’re running […]

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GPLama Shimano Power Meter

Shimano Dura-Ace R9200-P Power Meter Review: Generation II and STILL Not Accurate!

The most anticipated power meter test of 2022 – The retail version of the Shimano Dura-Ace FC-R9200-P Dual Sided Power Meter has been put though the Lama Lab over the last few weeks and compared to a number of trusted power sources. Have Shimano resolved all the issues of their previous generation meters? Not quite. […]

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