Another Epic FAIL // Shimano’s “Improved Accuracy” Power Meter Update

Shimano has recently unveiled firmware version 4.2.0 for their 12-speed power meters (R9200-P/R8100-P), boasting “improved accuracy”. Addressing accuracy concerns has been a long-standing necessity for Shimano’s meters across various iterations. The key question now is: how does this new firmware operate, and does it successfully tackle the persistent issues that have haunted Shimano in the past? Let’s dive into the data and find out!

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Shimano R8100-P Technical Specifications:
● Shimano Hollowtech II Crankset.
● Type: Dual Sided Meter.
● Power Accuracy ±2.0%
● ANT+ [Bicycle Power]: Power, Cadence, Left/Right Power Balance, Torque Effectiveness, Pedal Smoothness, Battery Level.
● Bluetooth ® LE [Cycling Power]: Power, Cadence, Left/Right Power Balance, Battery Level.
● ANT+ / Bluetooth ® LE [Force Vector]: Power, Cadence, Left/Right Power Balance, Pedalling Efficiency, Force vector, Battery level. *Only on supported head units.
● Active Temperature Compensation.
● Battery: Internal / Rechargeable / 300h+ runtime.
● USB charging (Same charge cable as 12spd Di2)
● Weight: 172.5mm 790g (Measured in the Lama Lab)
● E-Tube iOS & Android™ Management App / Configuration / Firmware Updates.
● Other: Status LED. Control Button (Status/Zero Offset).

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3 thoughts on “Another Epic FAIL // Shimano’s “Improved Accuracy” Power Meter Update

  1. Looking through GPLama and DCR’s websites… is there an accurate dual sided power meter option for shimano cranksets? Seems the issue affects all brands, and probably relates to the design of the crankset… or am I missing something?

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