GPLama Hammerhead Karoo 2 Ki2

Shimano Di2 Support (Unofficially) Returns to the Hammerhead Karoo 2

After the removal of the Shimano Di2 pairing functionality back in June 2022, Hammerhead Karoo users with Di2 groupsets have been left high and dry when it comes to something all other high-end GPS cycling computers have. Ki2 is a third-party ‘unofficial’ app/add-on/plugin for Hammerhead Karoo 2 devices that restores the removed functionality.   Links: […]

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GPLama Shimano Power Meter

Shimano Dura-Ace R9200-P Power Meter Review: Generation II and STILL Not Accurate!

The most anticipated power meter test of 2022 – The retail version of the Shimano Dura-Ace FC-R9200-P Dual Sided Power Meter has been put though the Lama Lab over the last few weeks and compared to a number of trusted power sources. Have Shimano resolved all the issues of their previous generation meters? Not quite. […]

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Digital Peloton News: Shimano 105 Di2 Groupset // Saris // Tour Tech // Eurobike 2022

Digital Peloton News for July 8th 2022 – Getting you up to speed on the new Shimano 105 Di2 Groupset, Saris sale, Tour de France Tech, and Eurobike 2022 starting next week!   Links: Shimano 105 Di2 Official Site: https://bit.ly/3bZNejC DCRainmaker Saris Article: https://bit.ly/3P7XbKa GPLama Elite JUSTO Review: https://youtu.be/Xz2QOYy-c-Q

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HH vs Shimano Thumbnail

Shimano Forces Hammerhead to REMOVE Di2 Integration!!

Shimano have revoked Hammerhead access to connect to their Di2 sensor on the Karoo 1 and Karoo 2 cycling computers. This makes no sense whatsoever. Shameful behaviour from the biggest bike component manufacturer in the world. Let’s hope they reverse their decision on this one and stop the nonsense.

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NEW SHIMANO Di2 Road Groupsets: Dura Ace R9200 & Ultegra R8100 // 12 Speed // Wireless!

After a very long wait, Shimano DuraAce R9200 and Ultegra R8100 12 Speed Wireless road groupsets have finally been announced! In this video I cover all the core details of this long awaited road groupset update from Shimano. There’s a few surprises with this release for rim brake fans!   GPLama Shimano Di2 YouTube Video […]

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Destroying Shimano Di2 Groupset Shifting with a PHONE // Di2 Firmware Recovery

While electronic groupsets have proven to be very robust in the field, they’re not immune to failures or issues on the more technical side of things. In this video I brick/destroy the Shimano Ultegra Di2 RD-8050 rear derailleur with nothing more than the Shimano E-Tube app…. and I go about restoring it back to working […]

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Shimano Road Bike Hydraulic Brake Line Shortening

The Giant TCR DISC I’ve had for the last two years has a front brake line that looks like a skipping rope hanging off the front of the bike. It’s way too long. Today I go about fixing this myself armed with the right tools and after watching way too many YouTube videos on hydraulic […]

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Shimano Di2 System Display Unit: Road Bike Install [SC-M9050/M9051/MT800]

The Di2 System Display is a device we’ve seen used on MTB but rarely on a road bike. Since most Di2 components are inter-compatible this display unit works very well on a Di2 road bike too!   Di2 System Display Features: ● Battery level ● Gear position ● Shift mode (Synchronized or Manual) ● FOX […]

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Shimano Di2 Synchro Road Shifting: Details // Configuration // Switching Modes

This video will get you up to speed with Shimano Di2 Synchro Road Bike Shifting. What is is. What you need. How to configure it. How to enable it…. and more!   GPLama Di2 YouTube Video Playlist: https://bit.ly/2R1hsFr

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Installing New Shimano STI Lever Hoods: The Easy Way!

Replacing worn Shimano STI lever hoods is a quick two minute task that can really refresh the front end contact points on a bike. Leaving the bike in the sun (or warming up the hoods with a hair dryer) and using an evaporative hand sanitiser to slip the new hoods on makes this a straightforward […]

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