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Shane Miller
GPLama Garmin Update

Garmin EDGE 530/830/1030/1030 Plus Firmware Updates [November 2021]

A big release of updates this week (Late November 2021) for the Garmin Edge 530, 830, 1030, and 1030 Plus Cycling GPS Computers. The little Edge 130 Plus gets a small update this month too. The Top 5 Changes: ● Improved Battery Display for SRAM/Shimano Groupsets. ● “You’re Out of Gears!” Tone for SRAM eTap/AXS. […]

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GPLama Zwift Update

ZWIFT Expands Makuri Islands: Neokyo // November 2021 Update

The November 2021 updates on Zwift have landed and they’re the BIGGEST yet. This video covers the key details of what you can expect across all Zwift platforms including the much hyped Neokyo expansion to the Makuri Island world.   Full November 2021 Update Details @Zwift: Zwift Forums:

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GPLama R9200-P Power Meter

Shimano DuraAce R9200-P Power Meter // Initial Lama Lab Test Data Review

The most anticipated power meter test of 2021. There’s a LOT of people wanting to know if Shimano addressed the issues encountered with their previous power meter with the new release R9200-P.   Links: Shimano Official R9200-P Site: GPLama Shimano Power Meter Report (2019):

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GPLama Fit5 Pedal

Fit5 Multi Cleat Pedal System for Indoor Cycling // 1000W Sprint Lab Tests!

Is the the one pedal to rule them all indoors? The FIT5 pedal system fits Shimano SPD/Shimano SPD SL/Look Delta/Look Keo and has an option for standard ‘flat’ shoes with a toe strap. These caught my attention a few weeks ago and today I put them to the test in the Lama Lab with some […]

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GPLama Floor Pump

Is Your Bicycle Floor Pump Accurate? Mine Wasn’t

Having always blindly trusted the pressure gauge on the Topeak Joe Blow Sport floor pump I’ve had since 2008, I was surprised at just how far off it was when put to the test with the Quarq TyreWiz sensors and two other floor pumps.   Links: Topeak D2 SmartGauge (Amazon US): SKS Airchecker Digital […]

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GPLama Wahoo Kickr

Wahoo KICKR 5/2020 Smart Trainer: Firmware Updates // New Axle Adapters // Power Accuracy Tests

This video will get you up to speed on all the updates to the Wahoo Kickr 5/2020 smart trainer since the product launched back in August 2020. Covered is the firmware updates, new thru axle adapters, power accuracy tests, and I also discuss the the Kickr vs CORE question that is commonly asked.   Links: […]

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ActivityFix for STRAVA: Automatically Update Your Activities With Custom Rules!

If you’re always finding yourself on Strava updating and editing your activities after they’ve uploaded to set the correct bike, shoes, or even to add more detail to the description then is a neat third-party tool that can automate a lot of this for you. In this video I cover the basics of what […]

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ZWIFT on Windows 11: Upgrade Info // Benchmarks // Tips

Windows 11 has been officially released by Microsoft and will be appearing on PCs in the coming months via Windows Update. In this video I cover the upgrade process (fast-tracked), I perform a number of Zwift benchmarks, and show you how to move that start button back over to the LEFT! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ   Links: Windows […]

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Von’s NEW GRAVEL BIKE: CervΓ©lo Aspero w/ SRAM Rival eTap AXS 🚲✨

Everyone loves NEW BIKE DAY! 🚲❀️ This video covers Von’s new custom spec CervΓ©lo Aspero gravel bike. I give my take on how it rides, and most importantly, Von gives us her feedback on the overall build, how it rides, and what she’d change (already!).   Von’s Custom Build Aspero – Full Specs: ● Frame/Fork: […]

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SIGEYI AXO Power Meter: Details // Data Review 🚲⚑️

The SIGEYI AXO spider based power meter has received a number of updates in recent months that have improved the product a LOT! This video covers my experience with the meter as tested extensively both indoors and out.   Technical Specifications: ● Type: Spider Based Power Meter. ● Compatibility: Road / MTB. ● Wireless Data: […]

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