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Shimano Hollowtech II Crank Recall GPLama

Shimano Hollowtech II Road Crankset Recall // What You Need to Know

One of the biggest cycling product recalls (technically a voluntary recall) in recent years. Shimano have acknowledged an long-known issue with their Hollowtech II cranksets failing and have implemented an inspection and replacement program, worldwide. After a few days of dust settling on this one, this video answers the question of ‘what to do’ if […]

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Wahoo Kickr Move Review - GPLama

Wahoo Kickr MOVE Smart Trainer // A Kickr On Rails!

A new smart trainer product introduced to the Wahoo indoor trainer line-up for 2023 that brings rocker-plate functionality to the Wahoo Kickr! The Kickr MOVE allows for fore/aft movement along with a small amount of side to side tilt with the new frame design and the Kickr AXIS feet. This video covers all the details […]

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Magene P505 BASE Review GPLama

A Budget Power Meter That Exceeds All Expectations // Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter Review

The Magene PES P505 BASE is a budget priced spider-based cycling power meter & chain-set combination with a 24mm spindle for Shimano road groupset compatibility. The 4-bolt 110mm BCD also allows the use of Shimano chainrings for a seamless upgrade. This video covers all the technical details of this power meter and a review of […]

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Silca Chain Wax GPLama

15,000km on ONE Chain!? // Bike Chain Waxing Success!

15,000km from one chain… on a gravel bike!? I would not have believed anyone if they told me I’d get this many kms from a single chain, especially on a gravel bike. After doing the calculations it turns out it is possible with a regular maintenance schedule and using wax, not oil. And even with […]

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TPU Bicycle Tube Review GPLama

TPU Bicycle Tubes: Light, Fast, Cheap…. What’s the Catch?

This week I set out to answer a few questions I had about these super-light and relatively new type of bicycle tubes. Were they difficult to install? Were they fragile? At less than 1/2 the weight and volume of standard tubes, was there a catch? I also exploded a few of them to see what […]

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Bryton Gardia R300L Radar Review GPLama

Bryton Gardia R300L Bike Radar Review // Now MUCH Better with Updated Firmware

The Bryton Gardia ANT+ Radar/Tail Light had a troubled beginning, as it was released with an initial firmware that fell short of expectations as a cycling ‘safety’ device. However, after undergoing months of rigorous testing and retesting, Bryton seems to have resolved the majority of the issues plaguing their ANT+ Radar. In this video, I […]

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Eurobike 2023 GPLama

Eurobike 2023 Tech Round-Up // 18 “Probably not your next…” Products

This video is a round-up of numerous cycling technologies as seen at Eurobike 2023. While these cycling technologies may not be your immediate replacement for your current GPS device, power meter, groupset, or bike helmet, the potential they hold cannot be overlooked. Has Eurobike 2023 showcased a glimpse into the future of where things are […]

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Shimano 105 R7100 Mechanical GPLama

Shimano’s Unreleased 105 12-Speed Mechanical Road Groupset CLOSE UP!

The highly anticipated Shimano 105 12-Speed Mechanical road groupset, which has been the subject of numerous rumors and reports, made an unplanned debut at Eurobike 2023. Although the groupset has not been officially announced or released yet, it was on show for all to see. Take a glimpse at the Corratec bike featuring this groupset […]

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GPLama Eurobike 2023

NEW Bike Radar Tech at Eurobike 2023

Until around a year ago, there were limited options available for bike rear radar devices. The Garmin Varia range stood as the sole choice. However, in recent months, both Magene and Bryton have joined the bike radar market, and now, at Eurobike 2023, we witness the arrival of even more participants in this field.   […]

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Evade III GPLama

Updating to the Specialized Evade III Aero Helmet // A Few Things To Know….

I’ve always been a fan of the Evade aero road helmets since they launched back in 2013, and I typically upgrade as each new revision is released. The Evade III was the exception. It was too expensive here at launch (recently dropping in price!) and Specialized quietly changed up a few other things that I […]

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