Shimano Road Bike Hydraulic Brake Line Shortening

The Giant TCR DISC I’ve had for the last two years has a front brake line that looks like a skipping rope hanging off the front of the bike. It’s way too long. Today I go about fixing this myself armed with the right tools and after watching way too many YouTube videos on hydraulic brakes (and hydraulic theory…. ok, I was bored!).

Tools Used:
SHIMANO TL-BH62 Disc Brake Hose Cutter:
SHIMANO TL-BT03-S Disc Brake Bleed Tool:
SHIMANO ST-R9120 Funnel Adapter:
SHIMANO SM-BH90 Olive and Connecting Insert:
SHIMANO Hydraulic Mineral Oil:
SHIMANO BR-RS505 Bicycle Brake Bleeding Spacer:

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Shane Miller

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