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GPLama Floor Pump

Is Your Bicycle Floor Pump Accurate? Mine Wasn’t

Having always blindly trusted the pressure gauge on the Topeak Joe Blow Sport floor pump I’ve had since 2008, I was surprised at just how far off it was when put to the test with the Quarq TyreWiz sensors and two other floor pumps.   Links: Topeak D2 SmartGauge (Amazon US): SKS Airchecker Digital […]

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Park Tool DAG-3 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge // A Bike Tool EVERYONE Loves! 🚲🔧❤️

The Park Tool DAG is something almost every bike mechanic raves about. I finally got my hands on the updated DAG-3 tool released earlier this year and put it to good use on my bikes to ensure crisp and accurate gear shifting.   Park Tool DAG-3 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge (Amazon US): Park Tool […]

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Tubeless Gravel Tyres: Six Month Sealant Check & Refresh…. plus TyreWiz Install

Unlike diamonds, the sealant used in tubeless bicycle tyres isn’t forever. It evaporates. It dries up. It will let you down out on the road or trails isn’t kept in-check. The recommended ‘top up’ interval varies from a few months to six months. The Zipp G40 gravel tyres have been on my gravel bike with […]

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Shimano Road Bike Hydraulic Brake Line Shortening

The Giant TCR DISC I’ve had for the last two years has a front brake line that looks like a skipping rope hanging off the front of the bike. It’s way too long. Today I go about fixing this myself armed with the right tools and after watching way too many YouTube videos on hydraulic […]

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Park Tool 4th Hand Cable Stretcher

One of the most useful tools that I’ve only just discovered! The Park Tool BT-2 is my new best friend when working on cable pull brakes in the Lama Garage. As seen in my recent TCR Di2 build video, today I have a closer look at how this tool works and some cheaper alternatives out […]

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