Tubeless Gravel Tyres: Six Month Sealant Check & Refresh…. plus TyreWiz Install

Unlike diamonds, the sealant used in tubeless bicycle tyres isn’t forever. It evaporates. It dries up. It will let you down out on the road or trails isn’t kept in-check. The recommended ‘top up’ interval varies from a few months to six months. The Zipp G40 gravel tyres have been on my gravel bike with no sealant top up for just over six months…. so it was time to refresh things. The added bonus was the installation of the Quarq TyreWiz for the Firecrest 303. More to come on those once I’ve used them for a few weeks/months.

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KOM Cycling Tubeless Sealant Injector Kit (Amazon US):
Stan’s NoTubes TIRE SEALANT (Amazon US):
Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor (Amazon US):


Shane Miller

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