GPLama Airport AirTag

Finding My LOST BAG at Melbourne Airport with an Apple AirTag

Putting an Apple AirTag to the ultimate test when Singapore Airlines and their ground baggage carrier Swissport were unable to assist in ANY WAY in locating my delayed/lost bag from flight SQ207 from Singapore to Melbourne. After a WEEK of unsuccessful attempts at getting my bag I decided to get in the car and drive […]

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Muc Off GPLAMA AirTag

Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder Review // The Apple AirTag Holder to AVOID!

Have you ever wondered how effective aluminium tin-foil hats are? Wonder no more! Muc-Off have made one for Apple AirTags and it’s extremely effective at blocking wireless signals and muffling the speaker. In this video I give this US$45 “Secure Tag” holder every opportunity to prove itself worthy, all while it kept proving it wasn’t […]

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AirTag Bicycle GPLama

Apple AirTags: THE BEST Bicycle Tracker // 2022 Update

Apple have made a number of minor changes to AirTags since launch so I’ve taken the time to revisit how well they work as bicycle trackers in 2022. If you’re after the quick take – They work VERY WELL for what they do. They’re a cheap and discrete way to keep a ‘tag’ on things […]

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