Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder Review // The Apple AirTag Holder to AVOID!

Have you ever wondered how effective aluminium tin-foil hats are? Wonder no more! Muc-Off have made one for Apple AirTags and it’s extremely effective at blocking wireless signals and muffling the speaker. In this video I give this US$45 “Secure Tag” holder every opportunity to prove itself worthy, all while it kept proving it wasn’t up to the task. There’s a link below to the more successful plastic tag holder that I’ve used in this video.

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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder Review // The Apple AirTag Holder to AVOID!

    1. After further investigation, it looks like they’ve redesigned their AirTag holder. I wasn’t aware. Given it’s still almost fully enclosing the AirTag with an alloy casing, I suspect it tests just as bad.

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