Finding My LOST BAG at Melbourne Airport with an Apple AirTag

Putting an Apple AirTag to the ultimate test when Singapore Airlines and their ground baggage carrier Swissport were unable to assist in ANY WAY in locating my delayed/lost bag from flight SQ207 from Singapore to Melbourne. After a WEEK of unsuccessful attempts at getting my bag I decided to get in the car and drive back to Melbourne Airport and start knocking on doors. This is a long story….. jump to 17:37 for the locating of the bag if you’re short on time.

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Shane Miller

One thought on “Finding My LOST BAG at Melbourne Airport with an Apple AirTag”

  1. Hi Shane, you don’t know me but I’ve been a follower of yours for some time, on Strava as well. I stumbled upon this story as I recently returned from an international trip and have a similar, yet unresolved story. For me, it was BA from LHR to YVR, and bag appeared to never make it to YVR. It actually looks like a baggage handler opened my luggage to *remove* my airtag – it STILL shows up in LHR 2 weeks after returning, and my claim with BA has resulted in messages like:

    “Unfortunately, weโ€™re unable to pay for your missing personal electronic devices. This is because we ask customers to put anything valuable, fragile or perishable in their hand baggage. However, if you have travel insurance, you should be able to make a claim through this.”

    Pretty weak customer service and not sure how I’d reconcile the statement about putting all things of value into carry ons, which is not practical nor permitted in many cases.

    For my case, I would need to fly back to London and try to find someone to help locate the airtag, which might actually be sitting in some restricted part of the airport that I would not be able to access…

    I’m glad you were able to recover your bag! I’m looking for at least an apology and an attempt to make my situation right by BA.

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