Eurobike 2023 Tech Round-Up // 18 “Probably not your next…” Products

This video is a round-up of numerous cycling technologies as seen at Eurobike 2023. While these cycling technologies may not be your immediate replacement for your current GPS device, power meter, groupset, or bike helmet, the potential they hold cannot be overlooked. Has Eurobike 2023 showcased a glimpse into the future of where things are headed?

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Video Index:
0:00 Intro
0:43 Shimano GRX 12 Speed Groupset
1:11 Bryton Rider 750SE GPS Cycling Computer
1:45 icTrainer Indoor Training Software
1:58 WheelTop EDS TX 12 Speed Wireless Road Groupset
4:07 FSA K-Force WE 12 Speed Wireless Road Groupset
4:38 Croder Multi-Length Cranks
5:17 M A S E – Helmet Airbags
5:50 Ryder Innovation AirTag Garmin Mount
6:14 Muc-off AirTag Holder v2
6:40 Xpedo Sonik Shimano SPD-SL compatible
7:10 Smalley Slinky
7:36 CatEYE AirGPS GPS Cycling Computer
8:00 SIGMA GPS GPS Cycling Computers
8:42 Hammerhead Karoo 2
9:22 Trimm GPS Cycling Computers
10:17 Shanren MAX 30 GPS Cycling Computer
10:36 Meilan GPS Cycling Computer
11:02 AroFly i-Link Power Meter
11:34 Wrap Up

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