Knog SCOUT Bike Tracker & Alarm // Apple AirTag Alternative

The Knog SCOUT is a bicycle tracker and alarm that utilises the Apple ‘Find My’ Network that comes with a few additional features than a standard AirTag.

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Technical Specifications:
– Bluetooth compatible (No UWB. No NFC).
– Weight: ~22 grams… (AirTag ~11g)
– USB-C Rechargeable
– Battery Life ~6 months.
– Alarm – 85dB claimed.
– Button to arm/disarm the alarm.
– ‘Security’ screws are supplied.

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Shane Miller

One thought on “Knog SCOUT Bike Tracker & Alarm // Apple AirTag Alternative”

  1. We recently mounted these on our two travel bikes. We put them in the airline travel cases which already had an Apple AirTag attached to the cases. If the Scout’s Find My capability was good then it would mean we wouldn’t have to use the AirTags anymore in the bike cases since Apple only allows you to have 16 AirTags active.

    The Scouts worked brilliantly as tracker devices perhaps even better than the AirTags. We would routinely see the bike moved through the baggage handling at the airport and into the aircraft sooner than we saw it happen with the AirTag. Don’t know why that was but maybe the Scout has a better antenna or it wakes up more often than an AirTag.

    So we’re fans and with the alarm capability it makes the bikes just that much more of a hassle to steal. Great product. Would be nice if they got the alarm to 100db or so but that’s probably impractical.

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