Wahoo Kickr MOVE Smart Trainer // A Kickr On Rails!

A new smart trainer product introduced to the Wahoo indoor trainer line-up for 2023 that brings rocker-plate functionality to the Wahoo Kickr! The Kickr MOVE allows for fore/aft movement along with a small amount of side to side tilt with the new frame design and the Kickr AXIS feet. This video covers all the details and a few setup tips and tricks for getting the most out of this new premium level direct drive smart trainer from Wahoo.

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Wahoo Official Website: https://bit.ly/2LtFLfl
Wahoo Direct Connect Detail Video: https://youtu.be/XtIM5675dLo
Zwift Direct Connect Support Details: https://youtu.be/DBoCCrYbDi8

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Wahoo Kickr MOVE Full Specifications:
● Direct Drive Interactive Smart Trainer.
● Cassette: 11spd Shimano/SRAM compatible supplied/installed (11-28).
● Bike Support: Thru Axle (142/148). Quick Release 130/135.
● Height Adjustable: 700c / 650 B / 29″ (Three options).
● Kickr AXIS Feet (for some wiggle-wiggle and adjustability).
● Wireless: ANT+ Power, ANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMS, WiFi (2.4Ghz. Direct Connect Protocol).
● Wired: Ethernet / Direct Connect (with adapter).
● Data: Power, Speed, Cadence.
● Power Accuracy: ±1% (claimed).
● Max Wattage: 2200W.
● Max Gradient: 20%.
● Flywheel Size: 7.25kgs.
● Fore/Aft Movement: 8 inches / ~20cm (+10cm / -10cm).
● Pivoting Axle (Kickr Climb compatible with Climb adapter).
● Auto Calibration.
● Odometer reading.
● ERG Easy Ramp.
● Firmware Updates: Automatic or via Wahoo Fitness App.
● Comes fully assembled.

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