GPLama Zwift Apple TV

Apple TV Picture-in-Picture With Zwift

Reddit user iykaque has posted an extremely useful reminder for Zwifters who use Apple TV reminding us that the ‘Picture-in-Picture’ functionally exists and is a really neat way to use your existing setup for a better indoor experience. πŸ“ΊπŸš²πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ   Links: Reddit Post by iykaque: Zwift on Apple TV 4K: The A to Z […]

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JetBlack Smart Turn Block Review

JetBlack Smart Turn Block // Tested on Zwift’s Repack Ridge MTB Course

JetBlack Smart Turn is a Bluetooth enabled front wheel riser block / smart turning device that can be used on Zwift (and other platforms soon?) to steer your avatar on the road and select which route to take at each intersection. In this video I put it to the ultimate test in the ‘free steering’ […]

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GPLama Zwift New Roads

Zwift Update November 2022: ZWIFT New Roads // Ride With… is BACK!

Zwift Update 1.31 for November 2022 has around 23kms / 14 miles of new roads on the Makuri Islands world map, 8 new routes (and route badges to tick off), and brings back the “Ride With..” functionally to join your friends/pros/verified riders on Zwift. .   Links: Zwift November 2022 Update Notes: ——————– #Zwift […]

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GPLama AppleTV 4K Gen III

NEW Apple TV 4K Gen III: A Worthy Upgrade for Indoor Cycling Apps?

The third generation of the AppeTV 4K has landed with an upgrade in storage, processing power, and at a lower price. With the ATV being a popular unit for indoor cycling apps, is the third generation worth the upgrade?   Links: GPLama A-Z AppleTV Zwift User Experience Video: Buy AppleTV: Apple TV 4K Gen […]

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ZWIFT ‘HoloReplay’ Ghost Riders: Race Yourself // Pace Yourself!

Zwift has started the 2022/2023 indoor season off on the right foot by releasing their “HoloReplay” feature…. which we’ll all no doubt call ‘Ghost Riders’. These replays will appear on in-game timed segments and allow you to race (or pace) against your previous effort. Full details in this video.   ➑️ SUBSCRIBE to be notified […]

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ZWIFT HUB Smart Trainer Review: How Does a $499 Smart Trainer Really Perform?

The Zwift Hub direct drive interactive smart trainer goes on sale today, October 3rd 2022. In previous videos I’ve covered all the technical specifications of the Hub and covered-off the most commonly asked questions. In this video I get DEEP into the details of how it performs when put to the test in the Lama […]

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Zwift Hub Smart Trainer: 15 Questions & Answers // Things To Know

15 commonly asked questions about the upcoming US$499 Zwift Hub Smart Trainer from Zwift.   Covered in this video: –Β  Intro –Β  Quick Overview –Β  Can it be used with software other than Zwift? –Β  Does the Zwift Hub require an active paid subscription to Zwift? –Β  Is the 12 speed cassette compatible with SRAM […]

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Zwift Launches a $499 Direct Drive Smart Trainer! Zwift:HUB Details & First Look

Zwift ARE doing hardware and the Zwift:HUB will be their first direct drive smart trainer to hit the market in early October 2022. This video covers all the details and provides a first look at the Zwift:HUB indoor cycling smart trainer. With a price tag of US$499, Zwift are clearly going super aggressive with the […]

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ThinkRider A1 POWER Budget Direct Drive Trainer: Details // Ride Review

ThinkRider A1 POWER non-interactive direct drive trainer is in the budget range of direct drive trainers, coming in at under US$350. This video covers all the details and a detailed review of how it performed in the Lama Lab.   A1 POWER Trainer Technical Specifications: ● Type: Direct Drive NON-Interactive Trainer. ● Compatibility: QR 130/135. […]

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ThinkRider X5-Neo Smart Cycle Trainer: Details // Ride Review

This video covers the ThinkRider X5-Neo Smart Direct Drive trainer in full detail and how it performs in the Lama Lab Test.   Trainer Technical Specifications: ● Type: Direct Drive Interactive Smart Trainer. ● Compatibility: QR 130/135 (Supplied). Thru-Axle 142/148* ● Freehub: Shimano/SRAM HG. (No cassette supplied). ● Pivoting Rear Axle: Yes. ● Wireless: – […]

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