CYCLIQ FLY 12 Sport 4K Cycling Camera/Light Review

The third generation Fly 12 camera/light combination unit from Cycliq comes with a step-up in video performance and a significant weight reduction from the previous models. This video covers all the details, the good and not-so-good, of using this Fly 12 Sport for a few weeks.

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Shane Miller

5 thoughts on “CYCLIQ FLY 12 Sport 4K Cycling Camera/Light Review

  1. Thanks for the great test, unfortunately I’m still unsure what’s best for me, primarily I only want to record dangerous situations, I don’t need a light.
    So a GoPro with Garmin mount is probably the best choice or?
    So the software of GoPro is probably much more mature?

    1. Depends on the battery life you require. Check the battery life on go pros – it didn’t used to be great

      1. I’ve dealt with GoPro a bit and have now seen that the battery performance is unfortunately very low, so it is not an option for me.

        Garmin Varia RCT715 isn’t really a solution either, on the one hand poorer image quality and on the other hand it would be good if Garmin release a Varia™ UT800 with a camera, like the same as Fly12 + Fly6

        So the old Fly12 have ANT+ support and the new one not?

  2. Can’t believe it has the same bracket as the fly 12 CE – my ce snapped after a couple of weeks use.

    For that poor bracket makes this a non starter for me.

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