Month: November 2022

GPLama Stages Dual 9200 Review

Stages Dura-Ace R9200 DUAL Power Meter Review // This One Works!

Stages have completely redesigned the right side sensors on their latest Shimano DuraAce 9200 DUAL power meter to address a long standing accuracy issue when using these cranksets. Does it work? Yes! In this video I dig into the details and dive into all the data showing how this power meter performs. If you’re running […]

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Garmin EDGE Power Graph

Garmin EDGE Data Field Tip: Power Graph Explained

The Garmin Edge ‘Power Graph’ is a native graphical data field on all newer model Garmin EDGE Cycling GPS units. This doesn’t require any additional downloads (ConnectIQ) to enable. This data field will display slightly different data based on the size of field you assign it. This video covers all the details in under three […]

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Top 5 Indoor Cycling Equipment Tips

Top 5 Indoor Cycling Equipment Tips // Must Haves! πŸš²πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

With indoor cycling season well underway in the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d cover my ‘Top 5’ equipment tips for getting the most out of your indoor sessions. This video covers my tips on cooling, desk setup, music/tunes, smart plugs, and having a maintenance plan for your equipment. If you’re a beginner to a seasoned […]

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JetBlack Smart Turn Block Review

JetBlack Smart Turn Block // Tested on Zwift’s Repack Ridge MTB Course

JetBlack Smart Turn is a Bluetooth enabled front wheel riser block / smart turning device that can be used on Zwift (and other platforms soon?) to steer your avatar on the road and select which route to take at each intersection. In this video I put it to the ultimate test in the ‘free steering’ […]

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Garmin EDGE LiveTrack Spectator Messaging

Garmin EDGE LiveTrack Spectator Messaging: Feature Preview

LiveTrack Spectator Messaging that first appeared on select Garmin wearables has now appeared in recent public beta firmwares for the EDGE 1040 GPS Cycling Computer. In this video I take the feature for a 45min test ride while inviting people to send me messages via LiveTrack. Note: This is a beta feature of the EDGE […]

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GPLama Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus Review

Garmin TACX NEO Bike Plus: Details / Ride Experience / Disappointment

The Garmin TACX NEO Bike Plus “Smart Bike” has landed and with this release Garmin have addressed a number of issues from their first generation smart bike from 2019. Although the new brakes/gear levers are best-in-class, unfortunately the performance of the bike as tested in the Lama Lab is not to any acceptable level. Failing […]

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GPLama Zwift New Roads

Zwift Update November 2022: ZWIFT New Roads // Ride With… is BACK!

Zwift Update 1.31 for November 2022 has around 23kms / 14 miles of new roads on the Makuri Islands world map, 8 new routes (and route badges to tick off), and brings back the “Ride With..” functionally to join your friends/pros/verified riders on Zwift. .   Links: Zwift November 2022 Update Notes: ——————– #Zwift […]

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GPLama Cycliq Fly12 Sport Review

CYCLIQ FLY 12 Sport 4K Cycling Camera/Light Review

The third generation Fly 12 camera/light combination unit from Cycliq comes with a step-up in video performance and a significant weight reduction from the previous models. This video covers all the details, the good and not-so-good, of using this Fly 12 Sport for a few weeks.   Links: Cycliq Official Website: —————- #Cycling #Cycliq […]

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GPLama AppleTV 4K Gen III

NEW Apple TV 4K Gen III: A Worthy Upgrade for Indoor Cycling Apps?

The third generation of the AppeTV 4K has landed with an upgrade in storage, processing power, and at a lower price. With the ATV being a popular unit for indoor cycling apps, is the third generation worth the upgrade?   Links: GPLama A-Z AppleTV Zwift User Experience Video: Buy AppleTV: Apple TV 4K Gen […]

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GPLama Wahoo Summit Segments

Wahoo ELEMNT Summit Segments: Details // Road Test

Wahoo ELEMNT Summit Segments is their version of ‘ClimbPro’ which gives riders a breakdown of all the climbs on a predefined route. This video digs into all the details, configuration, supported ELEMNT units, and takes this new feature on the road for a hands-on look at how it works.   Links: Wahoo Official: Wahoo […]

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