Day: November 22, 2022

Top 5 Indoor Cycling Equipment Tips

Top 5 Indoor Cycling Equipment Tips // Must Haves! 🚲👌🏼

With indoor cycling season well underway in the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d cover my ‘Top 5’ equipment tips for getting the most out of your indoor sessions. This video covers my tips on cooling, desk setup, music/tunes, smart plugs, and having a maintenance plan for your equipment. If you’re a beginner to a seasoned […]

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JetBlack Smart Turn Block Review

JetBlack Smart Turn Block // Tested on Zwift’s Repack Ridge MTB Course

JetBlack Smart Turn is a Bluetooth enabled front wheel riser block / smart turning device that can be used on Zwift (and other platforms soon?) to steer your avatar on the road and select which route to take at each intersection. In this video I put it to the ultimate test in the ‘free steering’ […]

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Garmin EDGE LiveTrack Spectator Messaging

Garmin EDGE LiveTrack Spectator Messaging: Feature Preview

LiveTrack Spectator Messaging that first appeared on select Garmin wearables has now appeared in recent public beta firmwares for the EDGE 1040 GPS Cycling Computer. In this video I take the feature for a 45min test ride while inviting people to send me messages via LiveTrack. Note: This is a beta feature of the EDGE […]

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