Garmin TACX NEO Bike Plus: Details / Ride Experience / Disappointment

The Garmin TACX NEO Bike Plus “Smart Bike” has landed and with this release Garmin have addressed a number of issues from their first generation smart bike from 2019. Although the new brakes/gear levers are best-in-class, unfortunately the performance of the bike as tested in the Lama Lab is not to any acceptable level. Failing in sprint power reporting, issues with ERG mode, and I still encounter leg rub issues with the frame. Also noteworthy – The NEO Bike Plus has a price increase of US$800 over the previous model. πŸ€”

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Shane Miller

7 thoughts on “Garmin TACX NEO Bike Plus: Details / Ride Experience / Disappointment

  1. Have Garmin offered any sort of response to this review, or elsewhere, in terms of the accuracy issues?

      1. Thanks GPLama. Do you happen to know which firmware you were testing? I see the latest is v4.0.0 so wonder it that has addressed anything. Can’t find release notes anywhere though!

  2. HI. A couple of people on the garmin tacx forum have suggested that applying the latest firmware update on the original version of the bike (0.0.45) causes it to have the same sprinting low power issues as reported here on the bike plus. Can anyone here corroborate this by any chance?

      1. Agreed. This is just what i read whilst deciding whether to update myself, so i can’t personally confirm its validity. I’ll hold fire until all is clear though I think.

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