The Worst Magpies I’ve Ever Encountered! Double Attacks!

It’s that time of year again here in Australia and our Aussie Magpies (not the same as EU/UK magpies) are on the attack! I was pre-warned these two might be a little aggressive. I didn’t expect them to be THIS aggressive. These are definitely the worst I’ve ever come across. They’re really on top of their game! 🀣

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Six Tips for Dealing with Swooping Magpies:
1 – If you’re in a group, don’t ride at the back. Let someone else take the hit! πŸ™‚
2 – Cover your ears – They love a good ear scratch.
3 – Cover your neck – Another scratch zone.
4 – Sunglasses – Although they almost always attack from behind. Protect them anyway.
6 – Make eye contact – They won’t swoop or come too close if you’re looking at them.
6 – Raise a hand – That’s usually all it’ll take to keep them off your back, literally.

Cameras Used:
Handheld – Insta360 GO 2:
Helmet Cam – GoPro Hero 10:


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Shane Miller

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