Month: September 2022

My Bike Radar Traffic: The Must-Have Garmin ConnectIQ Add-on for Cycling Radar Users

If you’re a Garmin user with an ANT+ Radar device, this ConenctIQ data field is something you’ll want to know about. It’ll record vehicle speeds, passing locations, and even keep count of how many vehicles have passed on a ride. This information can be viewed after your ride in Garmin Connect (Web or Mobile) and […]

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Zwift Hub Smart Trainer: 15 Questions & Answers // Things To Know

15 commonly asked questions about the upcoming US$499 Zwift Hub Smart Trainer from Zwift.   Covered in this video: –  Intro –  Quick Overview –  Can it be used with software other than Zwift? –  Does the Zwift Hub require an active paid subscription to Zwift? –  Is the 12 speed cassette compatible with SRAM […]

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Wahoo KICKR 6 and KICKR BIKE v2: Details // Feature Updates // Hands-on

Wahoo have rolled out new product updates for the KICKR Smart Trainer and KICKR Bike bringing WiFi, Automatic Firmware Updates, Odometers, and ERG Mode Easy Start. This video covers all the details early on for those short on time, then digs deep into the details of the Kickr 6 and why it now holds the […]

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Zwift Launches a $499 Direct Drive Smart Trainer! Zwift:HUB Details & First Look

Zwift ARE doing hardware and the Zwift:HUB will be their first direct drive smart trainer to hit the market in early October 2022. This video covers all the details and provides a first look at the Zwift:HUB indoor cycling smart trainer. With a price tag of US$499, Zwift are clearly going super aggressive with the […]

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Garmin EDGE Updates: 530/830/1030/Explore 2 & 1040 Series [Early September 2022]

New Garmin EDGE Cycling GPS updates landed this week (September 2022) for the Garmin Edge 530, 830, 1030, 1030 Plus, Explore 2, and the 1040 Series. This video covers the change-log detail of what’s new and improved.   Links: Edge Music Control Details: Startup.txt Startup Message How-To: Garmin Cycling Forums: Garmin Public […]

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Magpie Attack Australia GPLama

The Worst Magpies I’ve Ever Encountered! Double Attacks!

It’s that time of year again here in Australia and our Aussie Magpies (not the same as EU/UK magpies) are on the attack! I was pre-warned these two might be a little aggressive. I didn’t expect them to be THIS aggressive. These are definitely the worst I’ve ever come across. They’re really on top of […]

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