GPLama GoPro Hero 11 Mini

GoPro HERO 11 Mini vs HERO 5 Session // Battle of the Small GoPros

The much loved but discontinued GoPro HERO5 Session was a brilliant little cycling action camera at the time of release (six years ago!). A lot of GoPro fans have been hoping for a follow-up small form factor camera… and the HERO 11 Mini is their answer. Although the image quality and video stabilisation is lightyears […]

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Magpie Attack Australia GPLama

The Worst Magpies I’ve Ever Encountered! Double Attacks!

It’s that time of year again here in Australia and our Aussie Magpies (not the same as EU/UK magpies) are on the attack! I was pre-warned these two might be a little aggressive. I didn’t expect them to be THIS aggressive. These are definitely the worst I’ve ever come across. They’re really on top of […]

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GPLama Eurobike MOVJA

The Weirdest Crankset at Eurobike 2022 // MOVJA

This half-rotation backwards pedalling crank is easily the weirdest crankset at Eurobike this year in Frankfurt. After seeing this in action on social media before the show, I had to hunt it down and try it out at Eurobike 2022. Thanks to DC Rainmaker for his camera work on this one! 🙏🏼   Links: MOVJA […]

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Eurobike 2022

Eurobike 2022 Day 2 // Recap with GPLama and DCRainmaker

Eurobike 2022 Day 2 Recap – We’re on foot today in the new Eurobike location of Frankfurt, Germany. Today we covered a number of new things and spent more time with some products to get a better understanding of how they tick. Thanks again to DC Rainmaker for joining in on this one. Products/Companies shown/discussed […]

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Eurobike 2022 GPLama DCRainmaker

Eurobike 2022 Day 1 // Recap with GPLama and DCRainmaker

Eurobike is back for 2022 in the new location of Frankfurt, Germany. This video is a recap/overview of a lot of the new tech that caught our eye at the show on day 1. Thanks to DC Rainmaker for dropping in (Ray sneaks in at about 3:07) 👌🏼 In this video you’ll see a new […]

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SILCA Chisela GPLama

SILCA ‘Chisela’ Premium Titanium Cycling Computer Mount

Hot on the heels of much ‘meemed’ Mensola, Silca have produced a more “gender neutral” out-front cycling computer mount and called it the Chisela. Made of 3D printed titanium and positioned at the premium end of the market, it’s not exactly for the budget conscious cyclist.   Links: Silca Chisela Official: https://bit.ly/3l7E7yM (Non affiliate link)

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Mallee Blast 1000km Gravel Event Tech Equipment Review w/ Dr. Stephen Lane

The 2021 Mallee Blast 1000km Gravel Event rolled out on Friday November 26th at 7:30am from Torquay, Victoria. At around 1pm Sunday Dr. Stephen Lane rolled back into Torquay after having completed the 1000km route in under 54hrs. He was the first to complete the 1000km challenge. This video covers the ‘tech gadgets’ used for […]

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Swooping Magpies and Swooping Crop Dusters // Springtime in Australia 🌼🚲🦅

It’s that time of year again! Australian magpies are nesting and will attack almost anything within a few hundred meters of their nests. They’ll swoop without provocation targeting cyclists, pedestrians, even other animals if they think they’re a threat. Some of my previous magpie swooping footage has been used by the Australian Museum in Sydney […]

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Swooping Australian Magpie Photos

Photos of an Australian magpie swooping. Use these as you please anywhere you like for free. These were taken with a GoPro HERO 9 4k 60fps L or W while cycling near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Shane Miller – GPLama      

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CADEX Boost Road Bike Saddle: Details // Installation // Review

Switching up to the CADEX Boost saddle on my road bike for the last few months has been a very useful exercise after a few issues in the saddle department over the winter/indoor season. This video covers all the details and I give my take on it after a few 1000km. Cadex Official: https://www.cadex-cycling.com Specs: […]

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