New Shoe Day Tuesday // VeloKicks Blanco Cycling Shoes

Semi-retiring my well travelled 2014 model S-Works road shoes with the VeloKicks Blanco dials model. I’m also matching them with a set of G8 ‘performance cycling’ insoles for more arch support.

Technical Detail:
▶ ATOP MOZ dual dials for extensive volume control
▶ Carbon sole for optimal power transfer
▶ Light weight: 245 grams for size 41, 275 grams for a size 45
▶ Generous volume upper that accommodates all cycling orthoses
▶ Replaceable outer sole heel pads, so you always have grip when walking around
▶ VeloKicks shoe bag, to keep your kicks comfy and protected when they’re not on your feet
▶ 3 hole drilling for road cycling
▶ Synthetic leather material, no animals products are used in the construction of our kicks

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VeloKicks Blanco (Dials):
G8 Performance Cycling Insoles:



Shane Miller

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