Shimano Di2 Re-Cable Project // Giant TCR Road Bike

Prior to the Festive 500 challenge I completed the re-cabling project I’ve been talking about for a while. This involved removing the Di2 Y-Splitter from the front of the Giant TCR and re-routing the left lever cable internally to the bar-end Di2 Junction A, making things look super-slick and much neater. I took the opportunity to also relocate the Di2 Wireless Module, switch over to Pro VIBE 38cm bars, treat them with Boeshield T-9 Corrosion Protection, and finally install new BBB FlexRibbon bar tape. The result was exactly what I was hoping for. 

Parts Used (Amazon US links): 
Park Tool Internal Cabling Kit:
Di2 1200mm Cable:
Di2 SW-R600 Remote Climbing Shifter:
Shimano Di2 EW-WU111 Wireless Module:
Di2 Install Tool Thingy:
Boeshield T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor:
BBB FlexRibbon Bar Tape:

Other Links:
GPLama Di2 Climbing Shifter Install Video:
GPLama Di2 Wireless Module Install Video:

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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “Shimano Di2 Re-Cable Project // Giant TCR Road Bike

  1. Shane,

    This is totally unrelated, but wanted to ask what your opinion is on a Tacx Neo wear and tear on a bike.

    I’ve used my original Neo with my 2012 Madone, but just purchased a 2020 Tarmac Expert disc.

    I’d love to ride it, but we’re still months away from cycling outdoors in Canada.

    I’m obviously itching to ride it other than the 100k I got in before it became too cold, and adjust to the geometry difference, etc, but I’ve been told by everyone it’s not worth the wear and tear.

    So, two questions:

    If you were me: would your new bike be going onto the Neo, or would you only keep the older bike on it?

    How much wear and tear would you saw a disc bike takes from a Neo?


  2. Wow. I only have mechanical system but this video has convinced me if I go electric to buy sram wire less

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