CADEX Boost Road Bike Saddle: Details // Installation // Review

Switching up to the CADEX Boost saddle on my road bike for the last few months has been a very useful exercise after a few issues in the saddle department over the winter/indoor season. This video covers all the details and I give my take on it after a few 1000km.

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Cadex Official:

Weight: 138g (139g in the Lama Lab)
Rail Material: Carbon with Advanced Forged Composite Technology
Rail Size: 9mm, Integrated Rail Design
Shell: Advanced Forged Composite Technology
Cover: Microfiber Padding: EVA+ETPU Particle Flow
Width: 149mm (Corrected as 148mm)
Length: 246mm
Stack Height: 44mm
UniClip Compatible
Color BLACK!



Shane Miller

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