Zwift Switch to ’90s Graphics with NEW Climb Portal Feature!

Coming soon to Zwift is the highly anticipated “Climb Portal” experience, and early feedback from users has been nothing short of eye opening! 😉 In this video, I’ll give you an overview of what awaits you if you decide to embark on this new vertical challenge within the game, which is optional of course.

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What’s On Zwift Climb Portal Routes:
ZwiftInsider First Ascent Challenge Article:

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Shane Miller

One thought on “Zwift Switch to ’90s Graphics with NEW Climb Portal Feature!”

  1. I did find it disappointing! Hoped it would have included the landscape renderings of France, like all other environments in Zwift. I recall many of its climbs from reality, but now it feels cheap. Feels as if Zwift is running out of money to make renderings!

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