New Hardware from Zwift // Zwift PLAY Controller Review

Zwift PLAY launches today giving riders complete command over their gaming adventure right from their handlebars. The twin-controller setup is designed for drop-bar bikes and pairs directly to the game via Bluetooth Smart. The buttons on the Zwift Play serve dual purposes. While in menus, riders can utilize them to make selections. Then, during a ride, these buttons transform into powerful shortcuts, enabling riders to give Ride Ons, activate PowerUps, bypass workout blocks, teleport to Pacer Groups, and more.

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Zwift PLAY Details:
● Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth.
● USB-C Rechargeable battery with ~20 hours of ride time.
● PLAY usable while charging.
● LED status lights.
● Haptic feedback.
● Initial Pricing: £99 $99 €99 (moving to £149 $149 €149 after beta period).

Zwift PLAY Official:

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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “New Hardware from Zwift // Zwift PLAY Controller Review

  1. Dear GP lama, I am very disappointed about the product. Love your review, but on Apple TV 4K, everything running fine (same WiFi network, bleutooth on, etc) I simple dont get it to work. I returned this Zwift Play product. It really does not work (not even after many hours trying). in short very disappointing, curious if you get it running on apple TV, what are we doing wrong, or Zwift?

    1. Apple TV is limited to how many devices it can connect to.Yo have to use companion app on a phone and pair all your devices which is not as simple as you may think.

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