Zwift Rider TELEPORT Feature Has Landed!

The much requested Rider Teleportation feature has landed on Zwift, giving you the ability to quickly jump between Pace Partner groups and friends in-game.

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Things to Note:
● You can only teleport within the same world/map you’re on.
● You can’t teleport during workouts or events/races.
● Your teleport friends are people you follow and who follow you back.
● Teleport is activated via the Action Bar or Companion App.
● You’re not credited the teleport distance in km/miles.
● You’ll follow route the pace partner / friend you teleport to.
● Segment/lap times are reset when you teleport.
● Drop multipliers are also reset when jumping between pace groups.
● Pedal assist for up to 60 seconds works with each Teleport.


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Shane Miller

One thought on “Zwift Rider TELEPORT Feature Has Landed!”

  1. This is a cool feature! I teleported at the end of my workout to Maria and then again to Miguel for cool down. My avatar took a wrong turn and I lost the group, so that is a glitch worth addressing. It wasn’t a problem, as I simply teleported back to the group. This is the best feature to land in quite some time!

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