NEW Garmin EDGE 540/840 Series GPS: What’s New // Hands-On // Road Tested

The most expected update to the Garmin Edge Cycling GPS range has finally launched with the release of the Edge 540 and 840 Series. In this video I cover what’s new, the differences between all FOUR new GPS units, and after two weeks of using the Edge 840 Solar, I give my take on this latest release from Garmin.

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GPLama ClimbPro Update Video:

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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “NEW Garmin EDGE 540/840 Series GPS: What’s New // Hands-On // Road Tested

  1. G’day Shane Love all your videos and post. My question is about your free map downloading. I have followed your instructions to get Download3.bbbike map of Britain-and-Ireland. All goes well downloading/extracting/copying gmapsupp to Garmin folder. That’s it. I cant find the map in Garmin Express or on Edge 530. Click on gmapsupp tells me file is corrupt. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Hi.
    I am from India and Garmin do not provide maps for India, we have to be dependent on 3rd party maps like of bbbike maps. Will 3rd party maps bbbike will support edge 540 free ride climb pro feature?

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