Has Garmin Broken ClimbPro? Road Tests, Failures, and a Workaround!

Garmin ClimbPro has one job – To let you know when a climb starts and when a climb ends. Pretty simple when it comes to routes created by Strava, right? Well…. sometimes not. After encountering my own lag/delay issues with ClimbPro recently, and being prompted by a few others, I went deep down the rabbit hole of route/GPX analysis, comparisons, and today I was out road testing a workaround to the problem of LAGGY or DELAYED ClimbPro on two Garmin EDGE GPS units.

The summary is that some routes syncing from Strava to Garmin Connect may become ‘stretched’ or phase shifted resulting in an extremely poor performance with ClimbPro. Loading the GPX directly from Strava into the Garmin EDGE is the solution for now….

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Jeff’s Garmin Forum Post: http://bit.ly/3GgDNZm
GPSVisualizer: http://bit.ly/3ZGdOle

Other Tips from the Video:
โ— Export GPX from Strava and copy the file over USB to \GARMIN\NewFiles\

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3 thoughts on “Has Garmin Broken ClimbPro? Road Tests, Failures, and a Workaround!

  1. Hello! I have the same issue with Komoot routes, too. Climb Pro starts (and finishes) about 100 meters too early.

    It happens both with the Komoot Connect IQ app (which imports it locally on the Edge device) as well as with routes synced server-side.

    So I guess it is not a Strava or Komoot export issue, but rather a Garmin import issue.


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