Strava Gear Tracking GPLama

STRAVA Update: Automatically Assign Gear/Equipment to an Activity!

A welcome update to Strava for ALL users (free & subscribers!) that will automatically assign default bikes/shoes depending on the activity type you’ve completed. This video covers all the details on how this works and how to set it up for your equipment!   Links: GPLama ActivityFix Video: ActivityFix: ———————- #Strava #Cyclig #Running

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Garmin ClimbPro GPLama

Has Garmin Broken ClimbPro? Road Tests, Failures, and a Workaround!

Garmin ClimbPro has one job – To let you know when a climb starts and when a climb ends. Pretty simple when it comes to routes created by Strava, right? Well…. sometimes not. After encountering my own lag/delay issues with ClimbPro recently, and being prompted by a few others, I went deep down the rabbit […]

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Strava Photo Order GPLama

Swift STRAVA Tip: Reordering Strava Activity Photos/Videos 📸

If you’re uploading multiple photos or videos to your Strava activity here’s a quick and easy way to ensure they’re in the correct/preferred order.    

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Strava Updates June 2022

STRAVA Updates June 2022: Gravel/MTB/eMTB & Activity Video Uploads!

A number of updates to Strava were released this month including the ability to better categorise cycling disciplines such as gravel and MTB, as well as a follow-up release of video uploads for all Strava users (not just subscribers!).   ——————–

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GPLama Festive 500

Rapha #Festive 500 2021 – GPLama VLOG Series

During the recent Rapha Festive 500 Challenge (covering 500km in eight days on the bike) I grabbed my GoPro cameras and went about creating an on-bike YouTube video series covering my daily rides discussing the bike tech/components I was using each day. The goal was to produce content in a quick and efficient way that allowed […]

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ActivityFix for STRAVA: Automatically Update Your Activities With Custom Rules!

If you’re always finding yourself on Strava updating and editing your activities after they’ve uploaded to set the correct bike, shoes, or even to add more detail to the description then is a neat third-party tool that can automate a lot of this for you. In this video I cover the basics of what […]

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Four NEW Strava Features // October 2021 Updates 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏃🏻

This video covers four recent additions to Strava: ● Route Building in 3D. ● Personal Heatmaps on Strava Mobile. ● Mute Activities from Public Feeds (All Strava Users). ● Surface Type added to Personalised Stat Map.

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STRAVA Updates: New Activity Map Privacy/Visibility Options

New privacy options have now rolled out to ALL Strava users (free and paid subscribers) this week which gives more control over the start/finish location privacy. This video covers these map privacy updates on both Strava Web and Strava Mobile and how they impact public segment times.   Follow me on Strava:

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STRAVA Update: 3D Terrain Mode for GLOBAL Heat Maps

Another update from our friends at Strava. This time they’ve enabled 3D Terrain Mode to Global Heat Maps. Note: This is a subscriber only feature that’s available on Strava Web only.    

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STRAVA Mobile Updates: Segment Suggestions // Group Challenges

Two updates to the Strava Mobile app today to dig into. They’re even calling it the biggest update to their app in 2021! There’s a lot to cover so clip in, hang on, and check out the features in more detail on your own Strava Mobile app.   Links: Strava (official landing page for these […]

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