Wahoo Kickr 5 RACE MODE Update // Race Mode Event Test Results!

Wahoo have fast-tracked ‘Race Mode’ to the Kickr 5 with a firmware update that also brings ERG Easy Start to this smart trainer. Accessing Race Mode on the Kickr 5 will require the Direct Connect adapter and an Ethernet connection. This video also covers SEVEN race events on Zwift comparing Direct Connect Race Mode with both ANT+ and Bluetooth connections (both 1Hz) to the same Kickr 5 trainer. Race Mode wins 6/7 of these events!

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Wahoo KICKR Direct Connect Adapter: https://bit.ly/3tYql71
Wahoo KICKR Direct Connect Release Video: https://youtu.be/XtIM5675dLo
Wahoo Official: https://bit.ly/2LtFLfl

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Video Index:
0:00 Intro
0:30 Kickr 5 Race Mode Details
1:14 Test 1 – Road Bikes w/ Drafting
3:19 Test 2 – ITT w/ NO Drafting
4:46 Test 3 – ITT w/ NO Drafting
6:30 Test 4 – ITT w/ NO Drafting w/ Race Mode Off
7:52 Test 5 – Road Bikes w/ Drafting
9:46 Test 6 – Road Bikes w/ Drafting
11:20 Test 7 – ITT w/ NO Drafting
12:46 Conclusion / Wrap Up

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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “Wahoo Kickr 5 RACE MODE Update // Race Mode Event Test Results!

  1. Hi Shane,

    Am i missing something, has race mode still not made its way onto the kickr bike v2?


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