Wahoo KICKR Race Mode // RGT Gets Steering

Two updates land from Wahoo today for their indoor cycling products. RGT gets steering along with some new hardware to support it (KICKR Steer) and the KIKCR 6 gets ‘RACE MODE’ taking things to the next level from 1Hz to 10Hz power data updates from the indoor trainer that gives riders a competitive edge over their rivals…. who aren’t using Race Mode.

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Wahoo Official: https://bit.ly/2LtFLfl
Wahoo KICKR Steer: https://bit.ly/3le1D0v


Video Index:
0:00 Intro
0:20 RGT Gets Steering
0:44 Wahoo KICKR Steer
1:24 RGT Steering Implementation
2:06 Kickr RACE MODE – Details
2:48 Configuration
2:57 Kickr RACE MODE – Hands-On
10:38 Kickr RACE MODE – Head to Head Tests
13:44 Kickr RACE MODE – Data Review
14:54 Conclusions and Wrap-Up

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Shane Miller

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