Level up FASTER on Zwift – No Cheating Required!

Levelling up on Zwift is a way to unlock new equipment and earn the ability to buy even more items in the Drop Shop. Levelling up FAST without cheating is a question that often comes up. In this video I detail a method that resulted in me earning over 3000 XP per hour….but there are a few details to know about before heading up the Alpe towards that prize wheel!

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ZwiftInsider Zwift Levels/XP Explained: https://bit.ly/3BHwwzI
ZwiftInsider How Zwift Calculates XP for Workouts: https://bit.ly/3Wjo0yI
Alpe du Zwift Timing Calculator: https://bit.ly/3Ywf7DG
Heartlandsg’s Reddit Post: https://bit.ly/3BFnzXM

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Shane Miller

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