Shimano Di2 Support (Unofficially) Returns to the Hammerhead Karoo 2

After the removal of the Shimano Di2 pairing functionality back in June 2022, Hammerhead Karoo users with Di2 groupsets have been left high and dry when it comes to something all other high-end GPS cycling computers have. Ki2 is a third-party ‘unofficial’ app/add-on/plugin for Hammerhead Karoo 2 devices that restores the removed functionality.

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Ki2 GitHub Page:
DCRainmaker Karoo Side-Load Howto:

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Shane Miller

8 thoughts on “Shimano Di2 Support (Unofficially) Returns to the Hammerhead Karoo 2

  1. Hi Shane, can you tell me which file on my Karoo2 the ki2-main file actually is transferred into?
    I have already set up the android file transfer link previously and arranged developer mode, so is it a case of dragging the file into the device without having to use the terminal prompt etc as Ray writes about?
    For some reason ( I’m a Mac user) the ./adb devices doesn’t work.
    (Maybe it’s because I have linked via the AFT app?)

    Cheers and thanks for any help

      1. I’m using the cable that came with my Karoo. The Android File Transfer app can see all the files on my unit, so must be okay.
        Just figured it’s a case since the bridge has been made, of dragging it into one of those files?

  2. I’m not sure that’ll work. I assume the adb tool runs some kind of installer. I haven’t dug into any debug as it works first time when I’ve tried.

    1. Despite having the platform-tools in a file in ‘documents’, when I open a terminal screen to type in : ./adb devices it replies with “ no such file or directory”.
      Did you create the file to put in the tools with any special name, I thought it could just be anything?
      Sorry to be a pita and thank you for replying do quickly

      1. Quick overview of my method:

        – Download platform-tools for macOS (I save it to \Downloads).
        – Open the ZIP with finder (this will extract it to a folder within \Downloads).
        – Open a terminal window.
        – cd ~/Downloads/platform-tools
        – run the ./adb commands from there (devices and install).
        – Note: put the APK file in the ~/Downloads/platform-tools to make things easy for the install

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