NEW GARMIN Edge 1040 Cycling GPS Computers: Details // Hands-On // SOLAR ☀️

The Edge 1040 and Edge 1040 Solar is the new flagship GPS bike computer by Garmin. In this video I cover the key feature updates on both of these new GPS units, I give a quick run-down of my take on the new features, then it’s into a hands-on look at the new user interface… and more!

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Edge 1040 Key Feature Updates:
● Alloy 1/4 Turn Tabs.
● Multi-band GNSS technology.
● Improved battery life:
– Up to 35 hours / up to 45 hours with solar charging.
● Battery Save Mode improvements.
● Updated User Interface.
● ClimbPro updates.
● Rider focused performance guides/metrics.
● Device Transfer has been removed…

Edge 1040 Solar Edition:
● Power Glass™️ Solar Screen.
● 64GB storage (32GB on standard Edge 1040)
● MTB mount / Silicone Case.

Links to buy Garmin Edge GPS:
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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “NEW GARMIN Edge 1040 Cycling GPS Computers: Details // Hands-On // SOLAR ☀️

  1. Great review. Any way to remove the LAST COURSE ADDED from the top of each activity profile?

  2. Hey Shane- I got a TyreWiz today and I am trying to install it onto my Edge 1040S. Have you done that yet? Thanks in advance – Dave

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