Shimano Forces Hammerhead to REMOVE Di2 Integration!!

Shimano have revoked Hammerhead access to connect to their Di2 sensor on the Karoo 1 and Karoo 2 cycling computers. This makes no sense whatsoever. Shameful behaviour from the biggest bike component manufacturer in the world. Let’s hope they reverse their decision on this one and stop the nonsense.

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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “Shimano Forces Hammerhead to REMOVE Di2 Integration!!

  1. Any further updates on this or are Shimano continuing to be over protective? With some Pro teams using the Karoo and Di2, surely Shimano need to come to their senses sooner rather than later. Besides upsetting a few pro teams, they’re alienating a whole customer base.

  2. I literally just bought a new bike with Di2 and already owned the Karoo 2. No idea they stopped the integration. While I don’t feel I would have used a lot of features, there were some I would have easily used and used often.

    As of today, I have read nothing online about Shimano turning those features back on which is a shame.

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