Garmin VARIA Radar with CAMERA: RCT715 Details // Ride Review πŸš²πŸ“Έ

Garmin have finally added the most requested feature to their Varia Radar product – A CAMERA! Although the idea is somewhat simple, the user experience is anything but. There’s a steep learning curve that’s plagued with a number of shortfalls with the Varia App and the hardware. In this video I dig into all the details. Grab a coffee and enjoy. Or skip straight to 19:36 if you’re short on time.

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GPLama Varia RTL515 Video:
Garmin Varia Radar RCT715 (Amazon US):
Garmin Varia Radar Light RTL515 (Amazon US):
Garmin Varia Radar RVR315 (Amazon US):


Shane Miller

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