Wahoo PowrLINK Speedplay Power Meter Pedals: Details // Long-Term Review

The long awaited and much anticipated Wahoo PowrLINK ZERO Speedplay power meter pedals have landed. After using them for over 12 months this video covers all the details as well as a select summary of over 60hrs of ride data I’ve collected while using these power pedals indoors and out.

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Wahoo Official: http://bit.ly/3vsby35


Shane Miller

3 thoughts on “Wahoo PowrLINK Speedplay Power Meter Pedals: Details // Long-Term Review

  1. Hi GP LAMA

    Have you heard anything about Wahoo releasing an upgrade possibility for the left-only version, if you would like to upgrade to dual side?

  2. I’m getting some strange behaviour with some recently purchased Wahoo power meter pedals. I don’t think it’s the pedals, I think it’s the crank.

    When I run the pedals on my SuperSix Evo on the stock Hollowgram cranks,
    * I typically get a 48%/52% left/right split
    * power numbers that are close if not identical to what I was getting with a Power2Max Type S on my CAAD9.

    When I move the pedals to the FSA SLK Light BB386EVO cranks on my Jamis Supernova
    * the right pedal numbers look about right,
    * the left numbers are about half what I would expect,
    * left is frequently zero when I’m idling at what would normally be around 100W and definitely applying pressure with both feet.
    * The ride stats showed the split for tonight’s 20-odd kilometre commute as 34% Left / 66% right.[/list]

    I’ve swapped the pedals back and forth between the Hollowgram cranks and the FSA cranks and the behaviour appears to be consistent. I’ve wiped away any road grit and regreased each time, before tightening to 30Nm per spec.

    Any thoughts on how to solve this puzzle? Changing the cranks is an obvious albeit expensive backstop, but I’d like ideas to try before it gets to that. I really appreciate your help.

    1. Very interesting timing of this comment John! I’m currently deep down the rabbit hole of a very similar issue with SRAM carbon cranks and power meter pedals. I don’t have any answers at the moment other than recommending you try different pedal washers. Maybe thicker ones 1mm if you’re using 0.5mm washers. Maybe x2 0.5mm washers.

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