Mallee Blast 1000km Gravel Event Tech Equipment Review w/ Dr. Stephen Lane

The 2021 Mallee Blast 1000km Gravel Event rolled out on Friday November 26th at 7:30am from Torquay, Victoria. At around 1pm Sunday Dr. Stephen Lane rolled back into Torquay after having completed the 1000km route in under 54hrs. He was the first to complete the 1000km challenge. This video covers the ‘tech gadgets’ used for this ride.

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Dr.SLane Bike Equipment Overview Video:
Dr.SLane Mallee Blast 1000 Race Report:
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Garmin InReach Mini (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (Amazon US):
Wahoo TICKRX HR Strap (Amazon US):
Anker PowerCore 10000 (Amazon US):

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