Garmin EDGE 530/830/1030/1030 Plus Firmware Updates [November 2021]

A big release of updates this week (Late November 2021) for the Garmin Edge 530, 830, 1030, and 1030 Plus Cycling GPS Computers. The little Edge 130 Plus gets a small update this month too.

The Top 5 Changes:
● Improved Battery Display for SRAM/Shimano Groupsets.
● “You’re Out of Gears!” Tone for SRAM eTap/AXS.
● Varia Radar “All Clear” tone reintroduced.
● GPS now turns off for indoor mode!
● Device to Device Transfer now works… maybe.

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Garmin Edge 530 (Amazon US):
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Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 130 Plus (Amazon US):


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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “Garmin EDGE 530/830/1030/1030 Plus Firmware Updates [November 2021]

  1. Where’s the Garmin 540? My 520 battery isn’t up to the job anymore, but I hate to buy something as old as the 530 knowing an update must be coming soon!

  2. Hi Shane.

    Have a bit of a rant about calories changes made a few months back by Garmin.
    There was a time when my Edge 530 announcing 1000 calories was a proper achievement, would often only happen during my commute if there was a killer headwind. Then one day it started happening all the time. Every hour and half ride I’d hit 1000 calories burned. Something was dubious.

    Turns out one of the firmware updates started including “resting” calories. It would guesstimate them and throw them in with “active” – you know, the real ones from your power meter. It still even shows the correct active calories in the app, but dumps them out as a mix of active and resting. There’s no way to disable this.

    Firmware 7.19 release notes:
    “Added support for including metabolic calories in the total calories reported in the calories data field and recorded in the activity file.”

    Added “support”. More like changed the basic function and mushed your data with no opt-out!

    Zwift still converts your Kj of work to calories.
    Strava doesn’t recognise the “resting” calories and just throws it all in as active (despite the “total work” column showing hundreds of Kj less) My Apple Watch has these resting thrown in as “active” too – not that Garmin would care!

    So it may seem petty, but it makes weight loss by calorie counting just that bit more awkward and as I’m sure you can appreciate – the numbers aren’t right (guesstimates) and it’s upsetting!

    I suspect you have more sway over these things in the industry than I do, my experience with their customer service was less than stellar.

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