SRAM Rival AXS Quarq Power Meter // Long Term Road Test Review

A long term road test review of the SRAM Rival AXS Quarq Power Meter. This video covers the models, the tech specs, and has extensive power data review comparisons. This single sided power meter turned out to be a great budget level unit, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing with the accuracy.

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SRAM Rival AXS Power Meter (Amazon US):
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Technical Specifications:
● Type: Spindle Power Meter (Single Sided – LEFT).
● DUB Spindle Interface.
● Wireless: ANT+ & Bluetooth.
● Data: Power, Cadence.
● Power Accuracy: ±1.5% / ±3%
● Auto Zero: No (Manual Zero required).
● Temperature Compensation: Yes.
● Oval Ring Support: No*.
● Battery: 1x AAA Lithium / Estimated 400hrs+
● Waterproof Rating: IPX7.
● Management / Firmware: SRAM AXS App.



Shane Miller

6 thoughts on “SRAM Rival AXS Quarq Power Meter // Long Term Road Test Review

  1. Did SRAM ever get back to you about the 6%? Im also curious how you were able to upscale the readings by 6%, is this something that can be done with the app and have the adjusted readings displayed on your head unit?

    1. No. They did release a follow up firmware that mentioned ‘accuracy’, maybe that was to address it. Scaling can be done within the AXS app.

  2. Hey GP – Did these Quarg / SRAM AXS PM also have a built in Cadence sensor? Or is it basic PM only via Left Hand Crank?

  3. Hey Lama, it’s been a year since your last update on this PM. Any word on if the firmware update corrected the accuracy issues? Any other long term updates/comments?

    1. Nothing official from SRAM on this one. I haven’t looped back to test the firmware updates. Others have tested and found smaller offsets but that’s not from my own testing. If I can get a hold of a new Force Quarq spindle I may test/retest both.

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