Installing an Apple AirTag on a Bicycle // Best Locations to Install // Field Testing

Apple AirTags are a brilliant way to track items such as bicycles due to the extensive reach the Apple ‘Find My network has. They’re technically not sold as ‘theft trackers’ but they work really REALLY well for this function. In this video I install FOUR AirTags on my bike and test the the detection range of each. I also answer a few commonly asked questions (and clear up misconceptions) about how AirTags work if someone was to steal your AirTagged bike/item.

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GPLama Video: The $29 Ultimate Bicycle Tracking Device:
Thingiverse AirTag 3D Print Design Files:
Apple AirTag Single Pack (Amazon US):
Apple AirTag Four Pack (Amazon US):



Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “Installing an Apple AirTag on a Bicycle // Best Locations to Install // Field Testing

  1. Very good testing Shane! And much appreciated! Was wondering what happened to the bird joining in your review πŸ™‚

  2. great review, Was your stem alloy? and did you also ride the bike with the tags across town and other areas to simulate a theft and see, as close as you can, how it works in real life?

    1. Alloy stem. The ride to the park itself was a tracking test. They all followed me. The postal test and the other testing I’ve done indicates it’ll work VERY well as a lost bike tracker (although even saying that will trigger people and result in abusive comments towards me…. so… I’ve chosen words carefully with this… and had to block the idiots it has dragged out)

  3. Hey Shane,
    I just purchased a four pack for my bikes and my wife’s. I’m looking to mount them under the saddle, but for both saddle and bottle cage options, the reviews are pretty sketchy (brittle; poor finish; not flat). Do you have any recommendations (not including buying a 3D printer)?

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