Garmin RALLY Power Meter: Shimano SPD-SL // Shimano SPD // Look KEO

The Garmin RALLY power meter family has landed. With this comes the very first Shimano SPD-SL compatible road power meter pedal. This video contains all the details about the three pedal body options for the Garmin RALLY and the Lama Lab Test data from indoors and out.

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Garmin Rally Line Up:
● RALLY RS – Shimano SPD-SL Road Cleat Compatible (RS100/RS200)
● RALLY XC – Shimano SPD MTB/Off-Road Cleat Compatible (XC100/XC200)
● RALLY LK – Look KEO Cleat Compatible (*Similar previous Vector). (LK100/LK200)

Technical Specifications:
● DUAL or SINGLE side pedal based power meter.
● ANT+® and Bluetooth®
● Power (Total. L/R), Cadence. PS | TE | ANT+ Cycling Dynamics.
● Accuracy: ±1%
● Auto-Zero / Active Temperature Compensation.
● Battery Type: CR1/3N v3. (x1 per pedal)
● Battery Life: Up to 120 hours.
● Weight: 320g (RS200).
● Max. Rider Weight: 105kg
● Cleat type: Shimano SPD-SL, Shimano SPD, Look Keo.
● Q-Factor: 53 mm/55 mm with supplied spacing washer.
● Stack height: Rally RS200: ~11.8mm
● Installation: 15mm wrench.
● Firmware Upgradable.




Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “Garmin RALLY Power Meter: Shimano SPD-SL // Shimano SPD // Look KEO

  1. Hi Shane… You might be interested in this….

    I recently purchased a pair of these pedals (RS100) in SPD SL format. I had been using a pair of Shimano R105 carbon pedals and these were absolutely peerless especially in their clipping in and out performance.

    I fitted the Garmin Rally units and this was painless, (I have a Garmin 1030+) but when I went to clip / unclip I have to say that the experience is NOT what expected from a quality product like this. The clipping / unclipping was more akin to a set of cheap shimanos that I use on my wattbike atom!
    I initially thought the issue here was that I had not used the cleats supplied but had kept my own Shimano cleats (0 float). In order to address this I sought about buying a set of Garmin SPD SL zero float cleats only to find that they do not exist. Now Garmin will do a zero float cleat in a Keo style but that would mean me buying the RK bodies at £200.00!!. If I had known this fact it would have certainly influenced my decision to buy another power pedal or to go with the Keo cleat style at the outset. It would be good if Garmin made potential buyers aware of this deficiency in using the SPD SL variant..After all they do stay that the cleats are SPD SL compatible!! (Just as long as you want 4 degrees of float)

    Garmin UK confirmed to me today that they would not be bringing a zero float SPD SL cleat to market anytime soon and didn’t enquire about larger float cleats either.

    I’m sure others might like to be made aware of this aspect of a potential purchase and choice of cleat style.

    BTW – IMHO the power aspect of the pedals is excellent and I have no complaints. I do like Garmin gear but I feel in this case they have catered properly for this aspect.

    All the very best – great channel – and a great ambassador for cycling you are! Modest cyclists like me are often inspired by your insights and objective views on kit etc. Your Zwift insights are great too – a big thank you!!

    Ray Brown

    Northern Ireland

    1. Thanks for the heads up on this Ray. I always use blue SPD-SL cleats, but I’ll now source a set of 0deg red cleats to get across this issue. I’m working on another pedal/cleat video as we speak (Look Keo). Keep an eye out for this on my YouTube channel shortly… it’s a tale of more non-compatible combinations!

  2. Hi Shane,
    Any update on this review? The XC version? I see that Garmin has updated firmware to reduce power and cadence spikes and wondered if it made a difference.

    1. Hi David. I’ve updated to fw3.00 on the Rally spindles and have been riding them with the XC bodies on them this week. Indoors testing them against the Elite Direto XR they were within spec. Unfortunately the other meter on the bike is still under dev/testing so I don’t have any reliable outdoor data to report on. I’ll make note to put the XC200 on the Quarq or Power2Max soon and get some outside ride data from them with the new firmware.

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