Magene T300 Smart Trainer: Details // Ride Review // Lama Lab Tested

The Magene T300 Smart Trainer has been on the market now for over 12 months. I’ve had a number of requests to put it through the Lama Lab Test to see how it performs. Hold tight. This is another full speed ride down the rabbit hole of data and analysis!

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Magene T300 Technical Specifications:

● Type: Direct Drive / Interactive (SIM, ERG)
● Bike Compatibility: Quick Release 130mm/135mm. (TA with adapters)
● Freehub: Shimano/SRAM 11spd (No Cassette Included).
● Connections: ANT+ Power, ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth.
● Data: Power, Speed. (No Cadence).
● Power Accuracy: ±2%
● Calibration: Spindown.
● Max Grade Simulation: 22%
● Max Wattage: 2600W.
● Flywheel Weight: Not listed. 73000kg*mm² ‘moment of inertia.
● Noise Level: 56dB (@ 1.5m & 30KPH).
● Power Source: Mains.
● Firmware Upgradeable: Yes.
● Price: AU$1499 / ~US$1160




Shane Miller

One thought on “Magene T300 Smart Trainer: Details // Ride Review // Lama Lab Tested”

  1. I’ve seen it. Perfect review. But…I already have one of these lame trainer. What’s your opinion if I still use it just as a “Controllable” and not the power source of my training? I mean, I can still use my power meter at the bike. Will it be less “lame”?! Thanks and congratulations on the best reviews ever…

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