Power2Max Utility App Update for IOS/Android

Power2Max have recently updated both IOS and Android utility/configuration app for their power meters. Adding a number of visual improvements and a 30 hour (active/usage hours) trial option for those without the full suite of features enabled on their Power2Max power meter.

What’s New – Version 19.521
● Auto connect to an active registered power meter.
● Scan filter – Other bluetooth devices than power2max power meters are rejected.
● Activate one times a 30 active hours feature test with all power meter functions enabled.
● Improved battery status design.
● Adopt the power calculation easily with the new control item on the settings page.
● Access the power2max web shop from upgrade screen.
● Added support for 64 bit ARM processor hw.
● Firmware versions 1.1.xxx.


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Shane Miller

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