Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer: Details // Ride Review // Lama Lab Tested


The Xplova NOZA S is a a direct drive smart bicycle trainer backed by tech giant Acer that’s been on the market for around 12 months. This video digs into the details of this smart trainer from ride feel, SIM/ERG modes, power accuracy, and a number of other areas you’ll want to know about if you’re looking to buy this trainer. 

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Technical Specifications:  

– Direct Drive interactive Smart Trainer.
– Similar frame design to the Kickr CORE and Magene Gravat/T100 trainers.
– Bike compatibility: Road 650/700c. MTB 24/26. (x2 height adjustments)
– Axle: Quick Release and Thru Axle (12×142/148).
– Freehub: Shimano/SRAM. (No cassette)
– Supported connections ANT+ (FE-C?), Bluetooth Smart.
– Data: Power ONLY. (No speed or cadence)
– Power: ±2.5%
– Calibration: Spindown.
– Grade simulation: 18% (70kg)
– Max wattage: 2500W (@58km/h)
– Flywheel: 5.9kg.
– Noise Level: Silent.
– Power Source: Mains Power.
– Firmware Upgrade: Yes. 

Xplova NOSA S Official Site: https://bit.ly/36C5eu8


Shane Miller

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