Swooping Australian Magpie Photos

Photos of an Australian magpie swooping. Use these as you please anywhere you like for free. These were taken with a GoPro HERO 9 4k 60fps L or W while cycling near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Shane Miller – GPLama





Shane Miller

One thought on “Swooping Australian Magpie Photos”

  1. Amazing shots of this wild bird! Another question altogether. I was wondering what kind of stem length you are having on your Giant TCR. I have an ML frame (bought new Giant TCR 2021 Pro1 and self installed Dura Ace DI2 (with help of your instructions!). I am in doubt if I should install 130 instead of 110 mm Stem I have now, your stem seems quite long on video’s but cannot decipher number of your stem. My bike feel a bit tight (to direct steering wise), love to know more about your philosophy of stem length. I am 1.86, 56 seize (LM) suits me. I see you also see you sit really low (stem is right on frame so to speak). Love to hear your advice, what your stem length is πŸ™‚ Many thanks! Roemer (from Amsterdam)

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